09 Sep 2016

The New Iphone is here


SO we have all been waiting for Apple to release it’s latest rendition of the Iphone.  There are lots of updates to the phone including wireless headphones, the coolest feature of course is the camera, a new system which is described in several patents that were granted in the last year, give the images taken with the camera a nice bokeh.  The software identifies people and objects that are the subject of the image and blurs out the background.  Its new f/1.8 aperture helps to create this feature.  We have been expecting a great camera upgrade and Apple has not disappointed.

The new wireless headphones boast high quality audio. It’s a great upgrade being wireless and they have a cool new look.  airpodscase-pf-open_airpods-pf_iphone7-jetblk-pf_pr-print(I can’t tell you how many pairs of corded earphones I have replaced because of broken wires)  The new phone features an extended battery life and  The OS 10 operating system improves on Siri and other creature comforts. I for one can’t wait to get my hands on the new phone.


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