21 Jun

Powerful Website Strategies With Social Networks

Your center of operations for your online business is your website. However, if you must scatter your online presence all over the web, it is important to integrate social networks in carrying out advertising, gaining market positioning as well as achieving promotional effects. As good as it is to establish your business presence in major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter; it takes a lot of dogged effort and consistency to maintain your pace of participation (which brings you popularity) on these networks. The good news is that several tools and techniques have been provided to help you reduce the task, by integrating your website with your social networks’ pages.


Using Feeds as a Strategy to Streamline Your Efforts

If you are involved in posting fresh contents (which is commendable) most days of the week, integrating an effective feed strategy is a great way to reduce effort duplication while trying to post your contents to the social media networks where you have online presence. This is one of the great ways to integrate your site onto your preferred social media platforms. Once you are able to set up an effective feed strategy, you only need to do one posting and the content gets distributed to all your social media accounts automatically.

This is how it works; create your business Facebook Fan Page. When you go to the page, locate the Edit Page and click on it, then click Edit, click on Import Blog, the on screen instructions that would follow will guide you in setting up your blog or site’s feed. In similar manner, you can set up a feed for your blog or site on Twitter using free tools such as TwitterFeed.

Also, there are various third-party services and apps that you can employ in integrating your website with the social platforms. These applications will enable blog entries distribution among different social media platforms. Some of these apps will even provide you with extra time-saving benefit, so that you can schedule or post status and tweets updates to Facebook and Twitter at the same time.


Using Facebook Connect to Achieve Cross-Promotion of Your Fan Page and Website

As an online business marketer, your major business goals is to convert people on Facebook into your fans (at least as many as possible), and eventually convert your fans to real customers. In order to achieve this, you will employ your Fan Page as a platform to engage with your target audience and eventually generate traffic to your business site. Another strategy is to generate fan members from people who visit your business website, and don’t forget to encourage distribution of your site content by the visitors, to their friends on Facebook. You don’t have to crack your brain on how to get this done, simply lookout for the solutions provided by Facebook already. Such solution can be found on http://www.Facebook.com/Facebook-widgets.

There are more tips on powerful website strategies with social networks, experiment with these ones for a start and see what great result that would come back to you.



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