21 Jun

Googles New Search Engine Optimization

Google’s New Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Naming the algorithm “Penguin
As it appears, SEO may likely take another turn in 2012, with the ‘Google Penguin’, which is a code name for the new Google Algorithm update launched initially on April 24, 2012. The entire essence of this update is to decrease SER (Search Engine Ranking) of websites that do not adhere to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines – these are sites that employ black-hat Search Engine Optimization techniques such as cloaking, keyword stuffing, content duplication, and taking part in link schemes.

Naming the Algorithm Update
As stated earlier, Penguin update was first launched on April 24, 2012, which was the same day it went live. But, there was no official name that Google associated with the update till recently.
What is the Effect that Penguin has on Google Search Results?
By estimation, the Penguin update has impact on approximately 3.1 percent of all search queries submitted in English. For other major languages such as German, Arabic and Chinese, the update exerts approximately 3 percent of search queries submitted on Google in these languages, while the highly spammed languages get the biggest percentage.

What is the Significance of Google Penguin on Your Website?
This update by Google implies that relevancy has become more prioritized than ever before. In essence, the content of your website must be relevant to your niche and theme, and your SEO process must follow the laid down guidelines. In general, you must pay attention to the following;
• Your SEO article structure
• Your site design must be trustworthy and desirable
• Social connection is a priority
• Quality content is not optional, it is mandatory

How Does the Penguin Affect Your Connection to Other Websites?
Particularly in connection with links between your website and relevant sites, the following changes are effected by Google Penguin update;
• Link to low quality website or spam website is prohibited
• Paid links with exact match keyword is not allowed
• Multiplicity of anchor text back-links is not allowed
• There should not be any comment link that has exact match keyword
• …and more

More Details on Google Penguin Update and the Changes on Websites
The entire essence of search engine regular updates either by Google or other search engines is to improve the quality of search results presented to users. Just like Panda, the Penguin shows intensive efforts by Google to ensure that websites that do not follow due SEO process or SEO strategies are ranked lower. These are websites that try to out-smart Google Algorithm by over-optimizing.

In a quick glance, the Penguin update is targeting the following;
• Websites that feature anchor text files that are not natural
• Sites that are culprits of link spamming activities
• Sites that engage in keyword stuffing
A good number of sites realized they were in for serious offence when they got message from Google which reads thus, “Unnatural Links”. The time these messages were being sent to the culprit websites was actually when the chatter about Penguin kicked off.
Lesson for All: Websites that continue to over-optimize and default in Google’s laid down rules for SEO will continue to suffer, especially in 2012 with the introduction of Google Penguin Update.



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