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1.) Domain Configuration Fee - With domain configuration support, we charge a [one-time-fee] to make sure that files, template, image paths & DNS records are transferred correctly in your profile.

$250.00 USD One Time
2.) Data / Web Transfer Fee - In order to transfer a database, we charge extra because it take extra time to make sure that backups, images and data integrity are complete.

$275.00 USD One Time
3.) Consulting - Web Development - We offer customized development and consulting services.

We charge $75 an hour for custom development work or consulting services and require a minimum retainer payment of $500 on to get started.

Please call us at 310.751.0547 or send us an email for more information.

$500.00 USD One Time
4.) CafePress - iframe setup within your website - Setup Cafe press store with iframe integration into your website. Basic training on how to upload and set pricing within the Cafepress system.

$350.00 USD One Time
6.) Website Pop-up form - Dynamic pop up tool - setup for Wordpress with form linking to a contact information capture area.

$375.00 USD One Time
7.) Dynamic Website Blogging / Content - The key to getting organic traffic is ongoing dynamic content.
- Primarily the search engines seek out new content and will bring websites that have updated content to the top of search queries because it is relevant information.
- The more information you have on your website the more search engines will catalog and keep for obscure requests or long tail questions people put into search engines.
- Essentially become the "Go-To" guy about a specific area of expertise. By being a "SME" (Subject Matter Expert), you will become known for your knowledge.
- You could even eventually compile the information you create into a "how to Guide" or an "E-Book".
- This can actually make you money down the road and even allow you to become a published author.

This ongoing program is fairly straightforward with regard to helping you get dynamic content on your website. We have writers who will provide you 4 articles per month and put them into your blog once a week so that there is a consistent flow of content. You can create an outline of topics for the month and our team will write about it. The article is usually about 300 words and can be modified by you at any time. You can add graphics or video as needed. The content is yours and will be different than other articles on the internet.

Please call us at 310.751.0547 or send us an email for more information.

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