20 Mar

Blogging and other Tips

Venturing into blogging may appear daunting. But, here’s the simple truth; blogging is among the easiest ways to become part of the online community. If you are asking the question ‘how should you blog?’, then it means you are ready to leverage valuable tips for blogging effectively. So, here are top tips that would enable your blog to be positioned for success;chosen_rocks

Tip 1: Spell Out Your Goals

If you do not spell out your goals for blogging, you will end up beating about the bush or blogging aimlessly. If you are able to state your goals for the blogs you want to create, then you are already on your way to successful blogging.  Some of the questions you can ask yourself in order to help set your blogging goals include;

  • Am I blogging to advertise and promote my offerings (products and/or services)?
  • Should I rather target establishing myself as an authority in my niche instead?
  • Should I go into blogging as an avenue to share my ideas with others and just have fun?

These questions and more will help you set goals for your blog, both short-term and long-term goals. Thus, what you intend to achieve with your blog in 3-6 months (short-term goal) or 2 years and more (long-term goal) should be clearly defined and if possible written out. Subsequently, you will design, create and promote your blog along the line of your stated goals.

Tip 2: What Audience are You Targeting?

If you determine what audience you are targeting with your blog, then the entire design as well as content of your blog will be such that would appeal to your audience. For instance, if you are targeting people who desire to lose weight, your blog design and posts should meet and even surpass their expectation in terms of valuable tips for attaining their weight loss goals.

Tip 3: Stay Consistent with your Blogs

Do not forget that your blog represents your image and unique message in the eyes of your audience. It’s just like your brand, so do not move away from your line of brand and your brand’s message when designing and creating content for your blog. Keep the image and message (your brand) consistent through the contents you post and any other activity connected to your blog. You will easily gain readers’ loyalty and generate traffic by staying consistent with the message of your blog.

Tip 3: Show the Readers They are Valuable

It’s a two-way thing, as your readers keep coming to read (reflecting loyalty), you also have to reflect their own value by employing some strategies. Thus, ensure that your blogging is a two-way conversation. Extend invitation to your audience for participation by requesting for comments and questions from your readers. This is a great way to keep the flow of the conversation, and to show that you value your readers.

Also, other tips such as being visible, being persistent, improving your blogging skills, taking risks and commenting on other people’s blog posts will help you achieve success with your blogging.

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